How to Start A Green Team

Possibly one of the most under-utilized strategies for embedding sustainability in your business is the establishment of a green team.

A green team increases employee engagement and focuses more minds on tackling tough problems and coming up with creative solutions, thereby gaining more buy-in from employees and creating a stronger culture of sustainability.

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How a Yoga Studio in Oakland Practices Environmental & Social Sustainability

The best part of the work that I do is getting to meet awesome business owners and professionals who are doing really great work. In this ongoing series, I’ll be sharing some of these stories to illustrate what sustainability looks like in action. [Read more…]

The B Corp Handbook: A Review

I remember first hearing about B Corps back in 2008, just a year after the first B Corps were certified. At the time, I was intrigued by the concept, but didn’t quite understand what it was all about.

Once I grasped the significance of the movement and talked to others about it, I noticed that most people who were first learning about B Corps back then had a similar learning curve. What’s a B Corp? What’s the Impact Assessment? What exactly is this all about? [Read more…]

The Benefits of Green Business Certification

One of the questions that I get asked often as a Green Business Consultant is about the benefits of Green Business Certification. After all, the certification process takes time and effort to complete. Is it worth it?

I would say so, and with close to 600 certified businesses, many would agree! These are some of the benefits to going through the process to become a Certified Green Business:

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10 Resources to Help Your Business Go Green in Alameda County

Have you realized how many resources for sustainability are available to you as a business owner in Alameda County? There are quite a few!  [Read more…]

Building a Solid Sustainability Foundation for Your Business

When it comes to sustainability for your business, how can you make sure that you’re doing all that you can to improve your social and environmental performance when you’re already busy running your business?

In my work with small businesses, I’ve found that there are two excellent frameworks that you can use.

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Tired of Big Corporations? Check out B Corporations Instead

When we look at some of the practices of large corporations – whether it’s an unwillingness to offer health benefits to employees or whether it’s environmental destruction – it’s easy to blame business in general. However, there’s a new type of corporation that seeks to change this. [Read more…]

California Benefit Corporation and Green Business Legislation

A couple of years ago, Governor Brown signed two important pieces of legislation that will help to advance socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the state: AB 361 and AB 913. [Read more…]

Sustainability for One Small Business

When I started Cultivating Capital, I wanted to create a business that would not just help others to become more sustainable, but would also meet high standards for sustainability itself.

Could I honestly say that I believed sustainability was important if my own company practiced business as usual, by ignoring the impacts of my own office space or resorting to the cheapest business cards from Vistaprint? I didn’t think so.

In this post, I’ll share some of the steps I took to align my own small business with my values.

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Completing the B Impact Assessment

B Corps (the B stands for “Benefit”) are companies that are committed to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. They have emerged as one of the most important developments in business sustainability, since they demonstrate the triple bottom line in action. To certify your business as a B Corp, you’ll need to take complete the B Impact Assessment. [Read more…]