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Cultivating Capital B Corp Consulting

“Working with Carolina and her team was an absolute pleasure. Her thorough understanding of the process helped to streamline our efforts, save us money and ultimately join the B Corp community faster than if we had done this ourselves. I highly recommended Carolina if you are serious about your pursuit of certification.”

Tara Milburn

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Cultivating Capital B Corp Consulting

“Carolina has been incredible to work with. As a consultant, she knows the in and outs, the beauty and the beast of my business and I never felt uncomfortable to share information or intimidated to ask questions. I knew exactly where I was in the process and ways to improve my business. I can't think of a better person to work with!”

Maryam Sharifzadeh

Office Yoga
Sandra H

“We'd tried to achieve B Corp certification previously on our own, but the process was confusing and figuring out what documentation was required to substantiate our practices was complicated. Thanks to the exceptional support of Cultivating Capital, we were able to show clearly to the B Corp certification team everything we were already doing plus make some improvements we hadn't thought of ourselves. I was very happy with the support we received and highly recommend Cultivating Capital for consulting in this area.”

Sandra H.


“My experience with the CC team (both last round and in 2023) has been exceptional from a service delivery perspective, and also noteworthy and inspiring from a cultural and style perspective. From the service standpoint, I got phenomenal expert help in completing my recertification and increased my score by 23.7 points. I was pleasantly surprised by the group coaching calls, and the way Carolina and Jamie used them as opportunities to share knowledge and more surprisingly to nurture relationships between participants.

From a cultural and style perspective, the whole team but especially Jamie who I worked with the most — it was exceptional. I have rarely found myself working with people who clearly worked so hard to make me feel heard, understood, respected, and valued as a human (which is really not your job but I am grateful for it) and as a business trying to be a force for good.

The BIA is an incredible tool, but it also has limitations. It is not always easy to find the right words to explain my goals as an impact-oriented company within the constraints of the BIA framework. The Cultivating Capital team helped me find the words I needed to succeed in my recert process AND to help me frame the business I want to run and build in the future.

Y'all helped me take my business history and turn it into a blueprint for my business future. How can I ever thank you enough for that?”

Lizy F.

One More Thing

“Carolina has a very strong grasp of the B Corp certification process, great organizational and project management skills, and high-touch customer service so you can (mostly!) keep running your business as you go through certification. As a result of working with Carolina, our score went up and I gained insight into my triple bottom line. Colibri Digital Marketing emerged newly recertified, stronger, and better as a result of Carolina’s passion and knowledge. Thank you, Carolina!”

Anna C.

Colibri Digital Marketing

“We struggled on our own for 2 years to get B Corp certification and were only able to get 70 points. Working with Carolina and her team we were able to better understand what was required and became certified in 2019.

Recently, Carolina and her team (thanks to Jamie in particular!) made the daunting task of re-certification into something manageable and achievable. Everyone on the team is lovely to work with, well-versed in B Lab's standards and requirements, and full of tips, advice, and encouragement to keep on going! This is such a valuable asset to have when undertaking certification/re-certification and all of the team has the knowledge and experience to answer all the questions you might have. It makes all the difference and not only helps you be a B Corporation, it pushes you to improve and truly use your business as a force for good!"

Jennifer L.

Forever Natural
Alisa Herr

“Carolina and her team were incredibly helpful in our B Corp recertification process! They clarified questions we had about certain items on the assessment, identified potentially conflicting answers we had entered, and provided resources to help us improve our score. Our score went up from 82.1 to 114.6 and I know we couldn't have done that without Carolina's help and tips for areas of improvement. I highly recommend Cultivating Capital for any business looking to become certified as a B Corporation!”

Alisa H.

Unity Web Agency

“Carolina and her team were very responsive and proactive in helping my organization get our B Corp certification. She knows her stuff and is a very knowledgeable guide through a complicated process!”

Lindsay L.

Diamond + Branch
Loren D

“Carolina was a huge asset to helping our company through the certification process. She’s extremely knowledgeable and quickly found answers to tricky questions that were specific to our circumstances. Without her knowledge and resources, it would have taken us twice as long to get certified. I highly recommend her to any company looking to achieve B Corp certification!”

Loren D.

Geek Girl Tech

“I quite literally could not have done it without Cultivating Capital. All of the prework set us up for success during the review process."

Rebekah M.

Miel Design Studio
Kathy Miller

“I could not have gotten through this process without Carolina and her very helpful and professional team. They were wonderful from beginning to end. And they were so reasonable about my slowing down during the pandemic. When I was ready to start up again, they responded immediately. Wonderful support!"

Kathy M.

Miller Consultants
Craig Zapatka

“Cultivating Capital, led by Carolina Miranda, is an exceptional consultancy and we highly recommended her service for companies that are seeking to better their business and join the B Corp community. There are a few different ways you can work with Carolina and her team, we chose a short-term contract with a set number of 1-on-1s and access to her platform. We received hyper-personalized 1-on-1s that dove really deep into the inner-workings of our business, as well as curated answers to each of the BIAs questions. Consider Carolina as your expert guide as you navigate the very challenging, but overall rewarding BIA.”

Craig Z.

Kate Dixon

“The consulting and advice Carolina Miranda and her team at Cultivating Capital provided was instrumental in my company gaining B Corporation certification. The certification requirements and process are challenging, and without Cultivating Capital, I would not have been able to complete the process. Investing in B Corporation certification consulting with Cultivating Capital saved me a ton of time and frustration!”

Kate D.

Dixon Consulting

“If you are going through the B Corporation certification process, you don’t want to do it without Carolina! She was simply invaluable to me. I took advantage of her in-depth knowledge of the assessment and the approval process, plus all her templates (why reinvent the wheel?), AND the many, many resources she offered. She is worth her weight in gold.”

Rhonda M.

“Working with Carolina at Cultivating Capital took all the stress out of the recertification process for us. Her structured approach, patience, and deep expertise in the topic had us working systematically to tackle all the questions and documentation that B Lab threw at us. As a direct result, not only did our score inch up, but our employee handbook grew as well with a few new and meaningful policy additions.”

Polina P.


“We brought Carolina's team in at the end of our certification process to help get us over the line. Her team helped us to crystalize our Theory of Change and gave us good ideas for ways to validate our Impact Business Model.”

Mary W.


“We cannot imagine how we would have completed the BIA without Cultivating Capital's expertise and resources. Perhaps more importantly, Carolina's relationships within the broader social and environmental impact space and her deep experience with a broad spectrum of certifying and re-certifying B Corps provided a road map for governance, policy and procedure improvements as we strive for 'Best for the World' standards.”

Laura M.


“Carolina Miranda and her team from Cultivating Capital helped us a lot in our recertification process. She guided us on how to start to answer the questions for the assessment. She reviewed our answers and guided us on what documents we needed for the assessment. She provided us with very useful templates. Once the analyst started to review our answers, Carolina and her team were available to help us with the process. We are very grateful to her and her team.”

Paulina G.


“Carolina and her team were thorough, personable, and helped us keep a steady drumbeat towards a successful certification. We would still be working on our assessment now without her expert guidance and knowledge of the process. We're so excited that we can now call ourselves a Certified B Corp!”

Jodi W.

Ready State

“I greatly appreciate the support received by Carolina and Jamie while going through the recertification process. Grounded World's BIA score went from an 80 to 116.7. Thank you to the Cultivating Capital team for your guidance and sharing your experience and expertise with us. You helped us reach our goal and we learned so much through the process about ourselves. Thank you!”

Meghan T.

Grounded World

“Your support was instrumental in helping us navigate what was a rigorous and lengthy process. ”

Bertrand L.

Definite Articles

“I would recommend Carolina and her company, Cultivating Capital, to anyone seeking B Corp Certification. Their knowledge of B Corp practices and requirements; coaching and teaching methods; kindness and professionalism, and consistent encouragement to raise our standards made this process easy, enjoyable and fun; and invaluable to our success.”

Kate L.

Essential Oxygen

“I am extremely thankful and glad I am going through the B Impact Assessment with Cultivating Capital, as I truly believe it will change the trajectory of our business.

Typically, as a startup, doing the BIA seems nearly impossible and time-consuming. However, running through it has been helping me figure out what impact areas to prioritize for the future, how we can better message the actions we are taking to customers, and how to track our impact metrics. I also really appreciate getting an early exposure to positive worker practices as this will help GreenGear provide an equitable and diverse workplace as we scale.

It has been extremely helpful to learn from the B Impact Assessment and improve our business model accordingly. Overall, I am now more confident that GreenGear will be on a trajectory to continue to drive positive environmental and social benefits in the most impactful ways. I am extremely excited to join the B Corp network and thank you again to Cultivating Capital for making this possible :)”

Monika D.

GreenGear Supply Company
Beth Salyers

“I've got advanced degrees, have held the goal of building a B Corp for almost a decade, even before I knew what that company would be, devoured all things B... but/and...CLA would not be a Certified B Corp without Carolina and Cultivating Capital. Period.

It's a process with both great breadth and depth. And if you've got an analytical-creative mind like mine, on your own you'll likely find yourself with more questions and ambiguity than answers and direction.

Carolina, put me and CLA down for recertification when it comes due!”

Beth S.

Custom Learning Atelier, LLC

“Carolina was amazing to work with throughout the B Corp assessment process. She is well organized, smart, thoughtful, and patient. She assisted us every step of the way, and she gave us ideas for what we can do to improve in the future. I would highly recommend working with her and her team. Thank you, Carolina!”

Nancy S.

Sun Light & Power

"Carolina and Cultivating Capital were outstanding to work with. Rosso had been working on B-Corp certification for some time - Carolina was able to guide our team through the certification process. The resources and knowledge were outstanding and I would recommend any company that is looking for help in achieving B Corp certification. Thank you, Carolina!”

David C.

Rosso Coffee Roasters

"Working with the Cultivating Capital team was absolutely wonderful. They had templates, tips, and checklists to make the process efficient and fill in the gaps where we were lacking. I felt confident and well-prepared going into the review process and the results showed because we are now certified! I would definitely work with the team again and recommend them to anyone asking.”

Stacey C.

Blended Impact

"Rarely have the words 'couldn't have done it without you' been more apt than in this case. Carolina and Jamie lead a business full of smart insights, candor, kindness and fun.

If anyone out there is after a B Corp expert, look no further than Cultivating Capital and this talented duo!”

Will F.


"Carolina is someone you don't want to let go after the work is done. Her genuine heart and kind smile make you want to take her out for coffee and befriend her immediately! She wants to see you achieve certification and will do all that she can to guide you along the way. She's very patient and makes you feel confident even when you feel intimidated by the process. She's amazing and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is interested in joining the B Corp movement.

Carolina A.


"Carolina and her knowledgeable team were excellent to work with in helping OLLY PBC identify concrete actions to put in place to amplify our impact. Cultivating Capital helped us benchmark our B Lab impact assessment and identify where we could make improvements. We worked with Carolina and her team to develop an action plan for recertification and map each of our departmental OKRs to specific accountabilities. Carolina is passionate about driving business for good and her expertise in the B Corp space is truly second to none.

Andrea R.


"I loved working with Carolina and Jamie! They are experts in the B Lab Assessment and certification process and made the complicated work of measuring my company's impact a breeze. Their tools, templates, and creative thinking were hugely helpful, and I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone pursuing a B Corp certification.

Lauren J.

One Circle Co.

"Carolina and her team at Cultivating Capital have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support us with an assessment that was fairly complicated. It was amazing to know we had a reliable, and amazingly friendly, ally by our side! And our hugely increased score - from 88.3 to 113.8 - would have never happened without their help!

Jennifer P.

Narrative Food

"We are thrilled with the expertise, attention, and diligence of the Cultivating Capital team in guiding me and Wanderwell through our third B Impact Assessment! Carolina is a wise, compassionate business leader and consultant. Jamie is very organized and responsive, and kept us on task. They bring an abundance of knowledge and an engaging, thorough approach to project management and to helping us reach our goals internally and within the BIA.

Cultivating Capital's differentiator is their experience, their honest and organized process, their radical listening skills, and their genuine interest in our priorities, vision, improvement, and success - personally and professionally. I felt supported throughout, and after working with Carolina and Jamie I feel more confident in my role within my company.

I highly recommend working with Cultivating Capital. Thank you for playing a pivotal role in our ongoing story!"

Erin F.

Cultivating Capital B Corp Consulting

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