Benefits of green business certification

Top 10 Best Benefits of Green Business Certification

Business professionals who invest in sustainability and pursue Green Business Certification in California recognize something important: Running a business that is aligned with their values, operates efficiently, and can differentiate from its competitors just makes good business sense. This is…
sustainability framework

How A Sustainability Framework Can Improve Your Business

Care to take a guess about the one common approach that I’ve seen used by the businesses most committed to sustainability? It’s quite simple really. They use a sustainability framework, often in the form of a third-party certification. This isn’t the only…
b corp impact assessment

Completing the B Impact Assessment

Have you started working on your B Impact Assessment, or are you thinking about it?The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is one of the most rigorous tools available to measure your company’s impact. It isn’t meant to be easy –…

Getting Certified Through the California Green Business Program

If you’re interested in making your business more environmentally friendly, Green Business Certification is a great option. The California Green Business Program certifies local businesses that meet high standards for environmental performance. It was launched in Alameda County in 1996…