Jamie Oulton

B Corp Consultant

Jamie Oulton (she/her) discovered her love for B Corps during an undergraduate seminar on social entrepreneurship in 2014. Her passion for renewable energy and sustainability led her to Certified B Corp, Namaste Solar. Jamie’s time spent as a co-owner of Namaste Solar allowed her to form connections within the B Corp Community and get involved in all aspects of using business as a force for good at a mid-sized company. Prior to joining Cultivating Capital, Jamie focused her energy on employee engagement and communication programs to better align organizational members around mission and values.

Jamie believes that organizations can be a place for not only professional growth, but personal transformation and self-discovery. She has worked in small businesses, nonprofits, and state government—each of these showing her more about her skills and interests as well as what it takes to be successful at the intersection of organizational culture and operational excellence. This journey—as well as her deep involvement in an employee ownership setting—inspired her to pursue a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from University of Colorado Boulder. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Florida State University.

After trekking further and further west as a resident of Colorado and then Washington state, Jamie is living back in Florida with her husband and border collie pup, Maggie.