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Congratulations on your B Corp Certification!

You’ve already met a high standard with your certification, which is no small feat.

B Corp certification marks the beginning of your journey in ongoing improvement – there are always other best practices and positive changes that you can make to benefit your stakeholders and the planet.

As a Certified B Corp, you’ll need to recertify every three years to maintain your B Corp certification. You could let the next two and a half years go by, receive the notice from B Lab 6 months before your renewal date that it’s time to recertify, and then start working on your recertification, gathering your documentation, reviewing your policies, and identifying what additional improvement practices you need to make.

That’s one option.

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Another option is to prepare for your recertification now, so that you’re maintaining your practices and giving yourself time to make the changes you want to make, with the guidance and support of trusted experts and a community of like-minded peers.

The B Corp Recertification Plan is designed as a cost-effective solution for businesses that are committed to continuous improvement, that want support in identifying opportunities to increase their impact and score, and that want to stay up-to-date with changes to the BIA and certification process.

We’ll help you to ensure that you’re staying on top of things that should be done on an annual basis, such as preparing an impact report, calculating your carbon footprint, tracking your KPIs, and reviewing and updating your policies as necessary. We’ll also identify the practices that you inevitably didn’t get to during your last certification, but that you want to have done for your next certification.

Our focus is to help you be a better B Corp so that you can continue to do the good work that you’re doing in the world.

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