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To get certified as a B Corp requires undergoing a rigorous certification process. It involves fully evaluating all of your business operations, developing and formalizing policies, gathering data, making improvements to your current practices, setting new goals for your business, and going through a review process with a standards analyst.

It’s actually not uncommon for companies that work on the certification on their own to make mistakes, and fewer than 50% of companies that submit an assessment are ready to get certified.

This can be daunting, but it’s what makes the B Corp certification as meaningful and significant as it is: it takes work and commitment to become a B Corp.

Some businesses find that completing the B Impact Assessment, the online tool needed for certification, can be a challenge.

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Here are some things that I’ve heard from clients when they try to complete the assessment on their own:

“I don’t know how to answer the questions.” — “We don’t even know where to start.” — “These terms are confusing. I don’t even know what the acronyms mean.” — “We don’t know if we have the information or where to get it.” — “I’m stuck.” — “This is taking time away from developing my business.” — “I have time constraints and it becomes intimidating. At the same time, I’m hugely motivated to do this.”

The Cultivating Capital team has expertise in helping companies get certified as B Corps. We’ve been through the certification process multiple times, with businesses of different sizes and in different industries.

We can help you to save time, understand how to best answer the questions for your company, provide resources to assist you, support you in gathering the necessary data, and more.

We’ve helped clients who have not yet started the assessment, some who got through most of it on their own but fell short of the necessary 80 points, and others who submitted it but did not pass the review process.

We offer different service levels to meet every budget – our goal is to grow the B Corp movement by helping more businesses to become B Corps. We are committed to growing the movement and want to ensure that companies that want to become B Corps get support at a price they can afford.

This is our purpose and our passion, and we view the growth of the movement as a long-term commitment. We’d love to help you join the community.

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