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Cultivating Capital is proud to offer the B Impact Collective, the first online community designed to support businesses that are working to bring better sustainability and social impact practices to their organizations using the B Impact Assessment as a framework.

The B Impact Collective is driven by one common purpose: to use business as a force for good, using a proven framework for driving continual improvements throughout our companies.

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We engage in this process together, recognizing that connection and mutual support will help us to go further, faster.

Membership in the B Impact Collective includes:

• Access to an exclusive community where you can meet and connect with other values-driven business owners and entrepreneurs

• Updates about what’s new in the B Corp community so that you can stay up-to-date with new developments

• Referrals to others within the B Corp community as needed and/or appropriate

As a member of the B Impact Collective, you’ll:

  1. Connect with others. The Collective will help you to make real connections with people who share your values. You can connect via Slack, but that’s not enough. We provide opportunities so that you can get to know other members.
  2. Continue your professional development. The Collective benefits will help stay on top of the latest trends in sustainability and social impact, gain experience to build your own professional skill set, and expand your professional network with values-aligned professionals.
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