Grace Lasarsky

Sustainability and B Corp Services Assistant

Grace Lasarsky (she/her) is passionate about making an impact both locally and globally and encourages businesses to act as a force for good. She is an NC State student studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in both Entrepreneurship and Leadership. She first discovered B Corporations through a club at her school called the B Corp Clinic. Through collaboration with a team of students from the Triangle, they were able to produce innovative ways for a Raleigh entrepreneurial incubator to decrease their footprint and increase their impact. 

Grace has experience working with external marketing agencies, as well as internal marketing for a company in the health foods industry.  After graduation in the Spring of 2021, Grace plans to pursue an MBA to sharpen her business skills and expand her knowledge. She plans to learn more about global business and network with others across multiple industries in order to make a positive impact that will be beneficial to the whole.