B Corp Consultant’s Training Program & Mastermind Group

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As the B Corp movement expands globally and more companies look to get certified as B Corps, there is a growing need and demand for B Corp Consultants who can help a company to get certified.

The B Corp Consultant’s Training Program and Mastermind Group is a unique learning opportunity designed to help participants understand the certification process, gain knowledge about the BIA, and learn how to get started as a B Corp Consultant with guidance from an experienced consultant along with peer-to-peer learning and support.

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Becoming a B Corp Consultant:
What are the current learning options for new consultants?

The Secrets of B Corp Consulting

This self-study course has useful information but limited content about the B Impact Assessment.

B Hive Consultants Group

This online group is a great resource but it's open only to Certified B Corps and doesn't provide formal training. 

B Leaders

This training program is only open to consultants in the U.K. 

Learn by Doing

Every consultant will need to do this, but it does involve making avoidable mistakes.

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Becoming a B Corp Consultant: The new learning opportunity

B Corp Consultant’s Training Program
and Mastermind Group

  • Live training focused on the BIA
  • Guidance from an experienced B Corp Consultant
  • Peer-to-peer learning and support opportunities

The vision for this is to create a training program and mastermind community consisting of personalized guidance from an experienced consultant along with peer-to-peer learning and support that will advance the B Corp movement.

How and why did this Training Program & Mastermind Group get started?

  • Numerous requests from aspiring consultants to “do what you do” have been coming in. Many of them had already tried one or more of the current options listed above but still didn't feel that they were fully prepared to help clients navigate the BIA to successfully get certified.
  • To support these consultants, Cultivating Capital launched a pilot program in Spring 2021 to respond to the interest in a scalable manner.
  • Cultivating Capital is committed to growing the B Corp movement and building community around it. The more consultants there are, the more that we can help even more companies become B Corps!
Building community

Here’s what previous program participants have to say:

“Your knowledge of the process to become a certified B Corp and experience with the B Corp Community is invaluable. I am very grateful for your willingness to share your expertise. The information shared during the Mastermind provided a solid foundation for understanding the Impact Assessment and certification process. I learned a great deal during the Mastermind and know too that the learning process is ongoing.” 

Gail Garey

"The Cultivating Capital B Corp Consultant's Mastermind Group provided a great overview of the BIA and the IBMs. The small group format allowed for helpful communication and built a support group for us to continue with. Carolina's experience with the BIA and B Labs is valuable when starting out and learning how all the B Corp parts fit together."

Corey Clark

“Carolina’s B Corp Mastermind community was just what I needed to launch my consulting business. Her knowledge of the certification process as well as her business experience provided our group with a lot of information and resources. I also made several good friendships that will continue even after our brief time together.”

Susan Brownlee, PhD

“I can't understate the value of working with Carolina in the B Corps Mastermind. Carolina's knowledge about B Corps and the BIA. Her breadth and depth of experience with businesses of every size and type helped us gain tangible understanding of the nuances of the certification process that we would only otherwise get from years of experience. Carolina's openness to share her experiences and coach others is a rare gift in what is usually a competitive environment. Beyond that, she is inspiring and supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend working with Carolina whenever the opportunity arises!”

Heather Higinbotham Davies

"It's a hugely valuable experience, to have an opportunity to learn from a leader in the B Corp movement such as Carolina, who is kind, courageous, and honest in addition to being innovative and tenacious. I think it's important to be inspired by women in your field, but the Mastermind Mentorship program is like learning first-hand how she does it. She gives women the tools to prove their worth and be strong in the business world."

Katarina Danks

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By participating in this community, consultants will:

  • Improve their understanding of the B Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • Learn about how to help a client increase their score
  • Understand how the Review process works
  • Learn from an experienced B Corp Consultant
  • Have access to a learning community that can generate referrals, partnerships, and more.

What’s included:

  • Immediate access to pre-recorded webinars about the BIA, the review process, and building their own B Corp consulting business
  • One live coaching call per month for participants to ask questions about the certification process or consulting in general
  • Online community platform to connect with other members, ask questions, and get assistance between coaching calls
  • Recordings of all calls

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