5 Resources for Small Green Business News & Information

News sources for small green businessesLet’s face it: a lot of the sites for green news tend to focus more on large businesses. The blogosphere is overflowing with posts about everything from Pepsico’s ongoing effort to develop a quieter, compostable Sunchips bag and to the sustainability efforts of companies like WalMart and GE.

It is important for us to understand how large corporations are undertaking and reporting on their green initiatives. However, these sites often don’t address the issues that most small businesses are facing when it comes to going green. Most small business owners aren’t writing CSR reports, implementing sustainability initiatives across multiple business units, or developing sustainability scorecards for suppliers. Instead, the business owners I’ve spoken with are trying to figure out how to grow their business with limited financial and human resources, while also trying to do right by people and the planet.

With that in mind, here are five resources for green news and information that are relevant to small businesses:

  1. Greenbiz: As “the business voice of the green economy,” Greenbiz is one of the best all-around sources for green business news. The content is overwhelmingly focused on corporate news, but there is a section that specifically focuses on small business.
  2. Green Marketing TV: The mission of Green Marketing TV is to inspire individuals to participate in the green economy. From interviews with entrepreneurs to a series of posts about unique green business ideas, the website provides solid information and resources.
  3. New York Times: The standard-bearer of news publications that provides “all the news that’s fit to print,” (or, in this day and age, “all the news that’s fit to publish online”) has not missed a beat in keeping up with the times. Within its “Business Day” section is a section on “Small Business,” and within that, you’ll find the small business sustainability news.
  4. Small Business Trends: This award-winning site is a great resource for all small business owners. Posts on the site are written by their Small Business Experts and cover topics ranging from marketing to financial management. While it’s not updated too regularly, they do have a Green Business category that provides some helpful posts.
  5. Triple Pundit: This new media site focuses on triple bottom line businesses that value people, planet, and profit. Although it covers its share of corporate news, its comprehensive coverage of all things related to green business on its website is helpful for small business owners as well.

With all of the information out there, I’m sure that there’s a few sites that aren’t on this list. What would you add?

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